Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hobahn Korean Restaurant - Waterfront Desa Parkcity

Koreans are very aggressive in flavouring their food. This is especially true in my encounters with their fares here. It is seasoned to the hilt and spiced up to the max. I do find some distaste for the sweetness but like the spiciness of its pepper and chilis and the saltiness imparted from the soy beans base sauces.

Banchan. Unlike other Korean restaurants this is not free. But then it is of high quality.
Grilled meat is wrapped with lettuce together with gochu (raw green chili) and garlic with ssamjang dipping (chili paste and soybean paste).

Crystal Quartz Pan for grilling. The heat is directly under or near to the fire. The side and rim are harmless as it is a bad conductor. This is a healthy alternative to coated pans. Gireumjang - Salt and Sesame Oil dipping for the cooked meat.
Gochu Samgyeopsal - Chili Pork Belly. A great and popular cut for most Korean. Grilled and eaten at the table.
Cut into bite-size and ready to be eaten. Use lettuce leaves as wraps. Add sliced onions, mushrooms, dipping and whatever that is available on the pan. An excellent and well flavoured dish. The fat oozed as the teeth went in. The meat was tender and the marinate brought the best out.Bersot Dak - Chicken Bulgogi cooked in another Crytal Pot. The meat was marinated with too much sugar. Carrots, white button, lily and abalone mushrooms, glass noodles and tung hoo vegetable accompany.I found the final product not very appetising. More coloured vegetables need to be added to improve presentation. The taste was alright. It might be better if they cut down the sugar. The vegetables brought life though and the glass noodles bound it together.


Bangsar-bAbE said...

What's the pricing like ya? rif and I were wondering if the food was any good. Thanks for the review! ;)

CUMI & CIKI said...

damn i love korean food.. another good plc to check out at the scenic place! love it!

worldwindows said...

BB... Gochu Samgyeopsal inclusive of Banchan RM35 (Banchan probably RM12). Bersot Dak - Bulgogi (S) RM22. More than enough for 2 pax.

CampC... Closer parking is a chore now. Nice lifestyle design.

mimid3vils said...

no free banchan o.... :(