Friday, June 4, 2010

Working Class Indian Rice - Restoran Suria, Batu Caves

Postscript - Suria has since changed hands the last I visited in April 2011. There is no more Indian food just Mamak fare. I ate but decided not to post.

Restoran Suria is directly opposite (albeit separated by MRR 2) Batu Caves' steps. It serves genuine Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. It is situated in the midst of a light industry area. Lots of working class Indians patronise it during lunch time. Tamil Nesan Printing Press is just a short walk away.

Admittedly, premise's hygience may not be tops, but the food is very eatable and cheap. Poppadam and rasam were served without being asked. Payasam is available so are all kinds of roti, tosai and capati. The bonus is that cow's milk is generously added to the teh tarik.

One good portion of meat plus a variety of vegetables and iced milk tea cost just RM6.00. I almost fell over backwards while paying at the counter. The following was my 3rd visit where I took some friends there. So far I was not disappointed.

Pepper Chicken Rice with a Sambal Egg. The meat was tender and moist and flavourful.
Curry Chicken Rice. Again a winner. Pieces of herbs and spices were very evident and so were the flavours. Curry Mutton Rice.
Restoran Suria Batu Caves
4, Jalan SBC 3
Taman Sri Batu Caves
(Google for map)

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Life for Beginners said...

Oh Indian rice and all those toppings and accompaniments! Delish! :)