Friday, June 25, 2010

Tropika Corner from Memori Corner - Melati Utama, Along MRR2

The 5 of us were confused as we could not find the Memori Corner. We thought we could catch some of their signature dishes. But apparently there was a change of ownership. Nothing drastic except the new name, Tropika Corner. The interior remained, obviously a cost-saving step. The food concept was also retained. The Menu though is unsettled as seen by the decrepit piece of Menu given to us. The old had all gone under the bridge. The new has come. The rhythm of business cycle.

I have people telling me that business cannot be studied. They reiterated that 'Business Studies' is a misnomer. They preached the message that it has to be practiced and learned. So getting the head wet (Chinese idiom) is essential and that means sinking/investing the EPF, savings, borrowings, property etc. But that is not enough. It show the intent only but will not guarantee success except through entrepreneurship.

Michael Gerber who wrote the best-selling book on entrepreneurship, E-Myth, reckons that there are 3 roles owners will bring into their businesses by design or default. The three roles are the Technician, Manager and Entrepreneur. Gerber asserts that the Technician and Manager in the owner will rear its ugly head time and again in every business situation, relegating the Entrepreneur to the peripheral. So the owner of the business is like a schizophrenic frantically trying to surface the weaker/passive/subdued Entrepreneur personality. The ability to delegate, discipline, order and prioritize these roles will make or break the business.

Personally I pay attention to the two ends of the business. The left end has to do with Product/Services/Marketing Research (PSMDR). The right end will be the PR and HR. The mid-section is where the operations and production are. Build a team of technicians and managers and delegate authority to them. Give them the expectations and inspect regularly.

So why does a business go bad with the owner cutting losses? Or the owner losing interest and wanting to sell out a viable business? Statistics show that out of 100 new business start-ups only 4-5 will remain after 10 years. Some sold, absorbed, acquired or broken up and sold, others collapse through bad business sense and the rest swept away by the once every 10 years tsunami.

The cartoon mural interior that reflects the old - walking down memory lane. It was relaxing and spacious. Very nice place to hang loose.
The usual Nasi Lemak. The sambal packed a big wallop in taste. It was not so hot but still retained its spiciness so I enjoyed it.
The wrong order. Not one but 2 wrong orders. Instead of the sunny side up, an omelet came. The manager was nice and compensated us with a scoop of ice-cream each. A good start for customer service. Come on win us over and succeed in your business!My Chai Latte, my staple beverage in the cafe and kopitiam.
The food street along MMR2 in Melati Utama. Tons of choices. Samuri Satay, Sabak Steamboat, Old Town, Leha Kelfood, McDonalds, Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, Secret Recipe, mamak etc.

Directions: Coming from Zoo Negara MRR2 take the Wangsa Maju and also the Taman Melawati flyovers. Another 2-3 hundred meters turn into the shophouses. From Kepong MRR2 , U-turn under the Taman Melawati flyover.

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