Thursday, May 28, 2009

Revisits - Pan Heong and Yook Woo Hin

Revisited YWH as I took my Indonesian partner and family for a meal. Chicken boxing was available available. Foodbin recommended this and I am glad to report all 5 of us enjoyed this. 10 pieces for RM25. But their butter prawns was disappointing. Did not put pics in as prawn was smaller than usual and there was no 'lai yau' to spruce up the plate and gives some body to chew on.

Why bother revisiting? Many reasons and possibly excuses.

1) The food is too good. Got to have another fix. Strike the iron while its hot. And some have the peculiar habit of having their new found passion in such frequency till the food's diminishing returns register zero. No need to illustrate :)?

2) Sampling more from the extensive menu due to lack of foodie 'quorum. A costly love affair like I found out in my revisit to YWH. Have spent a total of RM180. Stay or to go. No love lost when it comes to dough! Enough is enough!

3) Recommendations from fellow floggers. As they sometimes able to vicariously visit and eat through the blogs of others and then re-constructing their previous visit that may be 10-20 years ago. Recommendations come fast and furious. Revisit and re-living their nostalgic visits is not a favour but a service. That's the beauty of being part of the www.

4) A certain dish was not available or sold out. Some purposefully limit the availability of their signature dish/es for the others in the menu to see the light of day and a chance to become another signature dish. Like Yut Kee rolled pork roast. Only available at 11:30 am Friday and Sunday. Usually gone by 1:00pm.
We also ordered 'wat tan hor'. Their most saleable item.
And their dry noodles Singapore style with cubed 'char siew'. Another must have the 'char siew' regrettably was sold out at 1:00pm. Pan Heong spare-ribs porridge with dry oyster. Was surprising bland and ribs were flat. Oysters' flavour have not been released into the porridge. As far as I know meat from the butcher must never be washed with water or the flavours will be gone. Not sure what's gone wrong but certainly I am not trying to teach the duck to swim.The 'wat tan hor fish fillet' was good but the fish fillet was lacking in taste.


SimpleGirl said...

i experienced the same while visit to a famous old makan place recently...everything seems to be turn up "not that good"...

550ml jar of faith said...

I honestly don't know what my life would be like without the WWW and food blogs.. the eating and living thru blogs has become a parallel dimension to real life!

foodbin said...

at last you got to try the chicken boxing.

Food For Tots said...

I luv the porridge in Pan Heong.

CUMI & CIKI said...

Why so substandard? Darn.. Must b cutting corners.. Times r bad i tell ya..

thenomadGourmand said...

err..which dsh frm which outlet?

worldwindows said...

SG...Bad day for the cook!

Faith...Agreed 100%

FB...Yes and enjoyed it.

FfT...Go for the frog meat. May be the best?

CampC... Disappointed but will go back again.

TNG...Sorry for late reply...First 2 puics from Yook Woo Hin and last 2 pics fro Pan Heong.