Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Fung Bakso Sapi Asli - Indonesia

How do I describe the degree of my missing this particular Indonesian food the last 2 years? Little did I know that by the time I completed my 2 years project in Bogor I have downed many bowls of this ubiquitous street food turned into a successful well-delivered food franchise in Indonesia. I ate into it hook, line and sinker. By the time I wanted to drop in the Seri Hartamas branch it disappeared into the thin air. The niggling call for bakso sapi (beef) could not be tempered by local beef noodles due to a lack of them as well as the distance from work and home.

Finally I had my chance, back to Indonesia to check on a work among denizens that live in a squatter colony placed very near (6-7 feet) to the railway track. It is rather unfortunate and can happen anywhere as I have visited colonies like this in my own backyard in Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya just about 20 years ago.

My favourite Bakso Sapi A Fung joint is found in the Terminal 2 of Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Jakarta. It is on the Arrival Level. Once out from the Customs and exiting turn right and walk straight ahead. A Fung is there waiting arms open wide for the intrepid traveller welcoming him/her home or biding them Selamat Jalan after a good meal. What a comfort!

Very good and polite 'front office'. Should have no complaints as this fast food can be prepared in a jiffy. Service was as good as McDonald. Once the selection is made and if there is a queue staff will bring the food to the table.
Looks familiar. Like those in Malaysia. Simple operations. Simple menu. Quick service. Clean. Cheap for airport price.
My Bakso Tahu (Rp22,000 = RM7) and my food companion Teh Botol (like Teh-O).
I was given 3 types of sauces, presumably, soy sauce, chili and sweet sauce. And a lime. Hardly use them as I preferred my food to come 'unplugged'. The beef is 100% sirloin. The tahu (tofu stuffed full an deep with beef paste). Tofu has a rough and tough texture and slightly salty. Not those sissy smooth tofu. Full-bodied and when chewed, released the soya goodness. The beef paste was as rough as the tofu and very juicy. The soya and beef goodness intermingled to give a powerful and intoxicating addiction.

Then comes 2 beef discs with beef paste minced till smithereens therefore very smooth and fine. It was surprisingly springy. Thirdly, the beef balls were made to have a lined and layered textured giving it the elasticity and it felt good in the mouth. All these smelt and tasted very beefy but not overpowering. Then there were the tripes and beef slices. Both are forgettable. Don't order it. Finally, the broth was very good and brought comfort not just to the stomach but also the soul.
One happy customer!


550ml jar of faith said...

Affordable food at the airport always a welcome change! And yes, I'd need to plug my food with sauces, so bring 'em on!

CUMI & CIKI said...

A fung! what a cute name:) am surprised the food at the airport is cheap, normally 20% extra hor?

Selba said...

One of the best meatballs store in town :)

I used to eat it at the food courts in the malls.

worldwindows said...

Faith... Yes I have seen locals squirting all the sauces in from the sauce dispenser. Mine is squeaky clean!

CampC... RM9 for a drink and very satisfying food.

Selba... Lucky you, I could have eat it once a weak if it is near my house!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Waaaaa....salivating at the sight of this!! If I'm not mistaken, there was a branch in Hartamas, but it closed down before I had the chance to try... =(

worldwindows said...

I heard bad reports on service.

Buswani said...

Now Afung is still in Selangor, opposite sunway Pyramid...Sahre with Malaysian.can contact :0193132582 for further info.

worldwindows said...

Thanks, and will check it out.