Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Manhattan Fish Market - Ikano

I am guilty of lumping MFM with McDonald or KFC. Just not bloggable unless there are some redeeming features. But think again. There are many interesting features in MFM and there will be more if they care to enhance and improve on the brand. I like the blowtorch stunt. Comfortable not too tight seating and inter-tables spacing and nice ambiance. Their food sometimes come close to be associated with staples from the deep south of the USA rather than just northeastern Manhattan.

Having eaten there for a long-time esp in Puchong it is a kind of a comfort food once the yearning surfaces for western style and Cajun-like seafood dishes. This time round they have some special offers and a new addition - swordfish fillet. I can imagine the angler momentous fight before landing this mighty fish. Of course that's from my over-the-top imaginative mind.
The drinks that came with the food. The Dilmah Earl Grey was very strong. Total infusion from the teabag. Dilmah prides itself for their fair labour practices and is from Sri Lanka.The moribund clam chowder. Can't flourish with the flour and starch! Clams were very well chopped up leaving little to the imaginative feel from the palate. My swordfish with shrimps and chips with a drink! The fillet was firm and juicy not boring but alive with the smell from the sea. RM18.90. Good deal! 7/10. Love it to bits though slightly oily.
Love those flakes. Reminded me of the huge grilled tuna chunk I had in Mindanao! Excellent NOT run of the mill fish and chips fare. The herbs had permeated the dressing thoroughly. Its the sauce that makes the eating world go round! RM18.90. 7/10.


Little Inbox said...

I just tried once, which is their grilled seafood platter. Not bad.

worldwindows said...

LI...My son's favourite actually.