Tuesday, May 19, 2009

De Pastry Chef - Medan Putra, Bandar Menjalara

My wife and I have returned to this quaint little place on different occasions esp for tea or even something heavier than tea. We are happy with its extensive menu ranging from cakes, pastries, tart lets, pasta and westerns.

It is doing well serving the Menjalara crowd as well as the more affluent Desa Parkcity and SPPK Sunway across the road. For lack of variety or competition De Pastry is doing a roaring business. It is positioned below the Secret Recipe but above the neighbourhood cake shops King's, Sweetly and Berry's. Their competitive advantage lies in their menu. And I dare say at the moment there is no competition in the horizon. Very solid business and caters for all types of crowd and all ages. Their only drawback is their lack of concern for ambiance. Make it a bit more comfortable, add some space next door and get some better chairs and tables and someone with an eye for colour and interior.

The pasta is yummy with a bit of local/Asian fusion. The tart lets are lovely to behold and my wife was enticed to the extend that she found time bringing the staff there for tea and to sample their oven-baked products.

We have yet to find fault with their food until this visit. The scones (RM5.50 plus coffee or tea from 3-6pm) that my wife recommended to me fell flat to me as well as my wife. It hard and almost becoming a biscuit. But still the style is unmistakable. Pic is right at on top of post.

I ordered my Green Curry Chicken Pasta. Taste exactly as the last I ordered a few months ago. Lots of diced chicken, al dente pasta and delectable and Thai/Malaysian green curry. Comes on a hot plate. RM7.50.
The Choco Coffee never fails to satisfy the sweet tooth. As good as it comes and worth more than the RM5.50 per slice. Sweet, creamy, coffeed with a walnut.The range of cakes, tarts and pastries.My previous visit and directions.
Address: 34, Jalan 3/62D, Medan Putra, Bandar Menjalara


backStreetGluttons said...

Menjalara is still alien to us and we hope soon to visit the 4th last Black Hole of KL ( first being Cheras 2nd Salak South 3rd Segambut ) !

Ciki said...

nothing beats a sugar rush! :P

Rebecca Saw said...

wahhh..desserts heaven! i want!! whr the h&%*l is menjalara??

threecolor said...

Yesterday, I ordered a chocolate cake, hotdog buns and bread for birthday celebration. Cake tasted moldy so as the bread, hotdog was terrible with the taste of spoiled/bleached meat. I have never come across such terrible bakery in my life before. Please do not recommend this terrible bakery store anymore.

worldwindows said...

BSG... There is a 5th one. Ulu Klang and Melawati area!

CampC... I enjoyed it with some nice pasta.

TNG... LDP then go to Desa Parkcity. Menjalara is opposite.

TC... I am sorry you have this bad experience. Do blog about it so that they will improve. I will usually inform them and most will be willing to make amends. My experiences with it is positive and it will continue to enjoy my custom but I will be careful after hearing bloggers' fair opinions.