Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Restoran Chong Yang - Leong Sin Nam Street Ipoh (Opposite Foh San)

Ipoh during holidays can be a bit of a organised madhouse when it comes to eating. One civilised Wat is to go later which means towards noon. This means most of the choicest morsels are gone. The best bet is to have a Plan B.  Always have in mind an alternative nearby which is less crowded and you can get good food speedily.

After arriving at Ming Court Dim Sum at Jalan Leong Sin Nam and upon seeing the hungry horde we retreated to Foh San which usually has no problem. We couldn't find a table and seeing the queue at the food stations (new procedure) we abandoned the idea of dim sum.

Hahaha, out of the deep recesses of my mind came Plan C. Diagonal opposite of Foh San Dim Sum situates the very common Coffee| Shop Chong Yang. It was crowded but manageable. Got our table and quickly and randomly order our favourites.

The food was good. As usual our Ipoh favourites: Dry Curry Mee and Yong Tau Foo Liew was thumbs up. Dry Curry was alot of white chicken and roast pork. The curry was aromatic and the spices lift up the ordinary noodle to new heights. Ipoh standard. The YTF has excellent fish and pork paste products. I made the mistake of ordering some soya sheets. Don't bother.

Prasn Mee was prawny. The soup may have the prawns heads or prawns essence to get to that level of sweetness. Mind you no overwhelming deluge of MSG. Prawns were fresh, just wish it has more pork slices. Perhaps I was late. And finally the Teochew signature noodles called "Hor Hee". It can still be found albeit more and more difficult. A simple no fuss clear soup noodles with special fish and pork balls and cakes. For the soae of old times!

Finally, the Rice Dumpling, Bak Chang. My favourite but for RM7.50, better be good. But then the signs are there. They sell lots of them. Customers leave this Coffeeshop with so. E in their hands. My crown jewel if you may to be enjoyed at home.
Restoran Chong Yang 中央白咖啡饮食馆
57, Jalan Leong Sin Nam, Ipoh

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