Sunday, June 16, 2019

Menglembu Afternoon Market Hawkers' Square - Menglembu

These are days of discovery and also retro living. People are getting in touch and in tune with their roots. There is no shame to get tuck oneself back to humble beginnings. Firmly grounded, provides the foundation and impetus to move and reach forward.

Food is one of the most important driver of culture and custom. An episode on Menglembu from Jason's Market Trails sent me scrambling and yearning. I got my chance one afternoon.

The food in Menglembu Market starts at 1pm. Where the morning session closes, the afternoon commences. Its a collection of carts and mobile trucks plying their trade at a rather large square. Mind you it's hot but folks walloped the food with gusto. Many sampled the various delicacies and tables' space was all taken up.

We started out with ToFuFar and Chee Cheong Fun. It's very cheap compared to those at touristy places, suffice to say. ToFuFar was as smooth as the baby's skin and the Ginger Gula Melaka would satisfied any sweet tooth. The Chee Cheong Fun has the sweet red sauce, sour (green chili), curry and savoury soya sauce. I had all of these in and it was so good. An explosion of robust flavours. The curry pork rind was heavenly. Soaked in curry through its porous skin, what an incredible eat.

Then we moved on to the Lok Lok which was way too expensive for me in KL. In fact I have stop eating them. Here it's just RM1 for each incredible stick. The Sotong and Kangkung were a good combination. Then I move on to the pig's head skin and ears. Well braised with savoury goodness. The peanut sauce was rich, creamy and thick. Though the spiciness was low, one can add chilis sauces spice it up. But to me the condiments were so attractive and complemented the LL sticks and best of all it tasted expremely fresh. Just made!

Finally, the desserts of the day was the ABC. Take your pick. I can't go on anymore as I had late breakfast and some Big Wok Apam Balik earlier. Of you don't mind the heat and the chaotic goings on, take this trip and experience the wet market food culture.

P/S as it was a holiday, I could not lay my hands on the roast pork. The line were formidable, can't even see the end of it. Reputed to be the top 3 in Ipoh. But I got the pictures 😉 as well as the Kue Kak (Fried Radish Cake) and CRISPY Alam Balik 😋. Needless to say, I will be back esp for the unreciprocated love for the roast pork

Morning Wet Market of Menglembu
Jalan Lee Ming Hin, Ipoh

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