Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Italian Restaurant Neroteca - Bukit Ceylon KL

When Italians expatriates felt comfortable with food while away from home, we are in for a treat. Food like this is described as 'comfort food'. They thought the food was authentic and  taste and feel like back Milan.

We had a full range of their pasta for lunch. It was a quiet Saturday afternoon and we were well taken care of. Service was quick and attentive. Nothing intrusive yet I felt the warmth and hospitality.

I had spent a week plus in Italy in 2016 as a tourist and had eaten fairly well. Their pizza were strong in taste but their meat, pasta and risotto were more subtle with their cheeses, sauces, wines and herbs. Best of all each locality has their emphasis and special provincial tastes.

As expected the food came well presented. The homemade pasta were done as expected. The texture for that bite-feel was great. I dislike undercooked tough doughy or overcooked sticky and soggy pasta.

Gnocchi Sofrentina was slathered in tomato sauce. The cavities were filled with more. Certainly for those who wanted a more 'saucy' dish. It came with Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese. 

Tatliatelle Ragu was a mix of bacon and beef minced Bolognese sauce. The sauce stuck on to the flat pasta lightly coating and flavouring it. A nice compromise for those who wanted great taste with less sauces.

Tagliolini Carbonara will be for those looking for a 'light' pasta. No heavy sauces and creams. They have crispy guanciale cured pork and salty pecorino goat cheese.

Lastly, we had the share of a Margherita pizza. An uncomplicated piece with nice amount of tomato sauce, basil and mozzarella cheese. The ingredients colours were that of the Italian flag 🇮🇹. Again those who love pizza's carbo delight, simple sauces and cheeses will appreciate this wonderful piece that conquers the world of fast food.

Great ingredients, homemade and some organic stuff gave lots of value for our meal. Very reasonable price considering the location and ambience of this restaurant. A good choice for occasions that requires a cosy and finer environs.

8, Lorong Ceylon, Bukit Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur
03-2070 0530

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