Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Awesome Penang Durians, Labu, Red Prawns, Green Skin, Jantung, Red Meat, Tian Sern and Khoon Pa

This round I manage to have a good dose of Penang wide variety of durians. Truly for those who have had enough of 101, D24 and Musang King.

My personal assessment base on my taste buds. The best would be Red Prawns when the quality is good. The 2nd would be Khoon Poh.

Pictures' numbers correspond with the commentaries

1) Ho Lor or Labu (Eat first)
Sweet taste ask for those less sweet if you know the seller
Neutral smell
Firm texture
Look goods with presentable look

2) Ang Bak or Red Meat (Eat first)
Big airil with thick flesh
Some seed were as small as 5aen coin
Not creamy, flesh is drier
Looked less oily
Flesh looks a bit more to nangka
Sweet and straightforward taste

3) Ang Heh or Red Prawns (Eat midway)
Quality depends on season, listen to your reliable seller for advice
Bitter undertones with coffeeish flavour and smell
Quite earthy
Smaller sees make this value for money
Yellowish and more to orangey colour with whitish patches

4) Khoon Poh (Eat mid-way to last)
Pillowy and yellow
Fragrant earthy smell and taste
Watery based not so creamy
Soft custardy texture

5) Jantung (Eat midway to last)
Bitter and liquery
Sweet and firmer flesh
Large seeds

6) Tian Sern (Eat last)
Strong bitter undertones
Smaller seeds
Liquer flavour and nunbing

7) Green Skin or 15 (East last)
Firm flesh
Strong bitter aftertaste
Liquer smell
Round seeds

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