Friday, September 7, 2018

Jungle Durians - Temuan Orang Asli Village Ulu Gombak

We travelled to Temuan tribe living about 50m from the UM Research Facility Ulu Gombak, Jalan Gombak, Selangor for a taste of the well known yet secretive Jungle Durians harvested by the Temuan tribe in Malaysia.

We arrived excited at 11am. We were disappointed that most of the Jungle Durians were sold. The leader was apologetic as some folks came at 2 am and took the whole lot. Alas, the left the other durians which was not our intended target. Fortunately, we have some durian 'ong' and the second batch came in just as we were about to leave. 

Characteristics of the Jungle Durians - long slender thorns. Pungent, carrying a subtle hint of Chempedak, almond and and other mysterious jungle (for lack of words to identify and describe) smells. Flesh was compact with a dense slight creamy texture.

Two thumbs up for these type of durians as it was organic as it was jungle sourced. For your information, estimate for worms in durians: every four durians there is one fruit that will have a big wriggly worm residing in one of the most sought after chamber. That chamber would be a total or partially lost.

Google Maps:
UM Research Facility Ulu Gombak, Jalan Gombak, Selangor
Orang Aski Village 50m away. 
You will cross a narrow shallow river. Passable to my Camry

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