Monday, November 20, 2017

Popular Durians Head to Head - Musang King vs D24 by volume and weight

I am not comparing fast cars or geeky gadgets. What got me pique was when I bought both the MSK and D24 together and enjoyed both. But after observing the seeds of both it got me thinking and I did a simple experiment.

Near to Ara Damansara there's an industrial area where durians from Raub were brought to Klang Valley to be sold. So far they have brought top of the range MSK and D24, some the best that I have ever eaten. This week I conveniently popped in a few times to the detriment of my wallet.

I had an enforce fast on MSK durian due to the price and also lots of fakes in the market masquerading as MSK and charging upward to RM85 per kg. That's almost unforgivable to any durians lovers. I may glad I ended my avoidance when I came to this dealer. All is good here despite the viral fake news. Their durian shells attract flies. Checked. And I was told that their plantation emphasied organic farming. The seeds are flat and thin. Checked. Star shaped colouration at the bottom of the fruit. Checked. Orangy knit colour. Checked. Wrinkly skin on the pulp. Checked.

One of the distinctive feature of MSK is its thin flat seed. After eating some arils of D24 and MSK I dumped the seeds into a pot with water and saw that the D24 seed sank to to the bottom like a rock and the MSK actually floated like a civet would hopping from tree to tree.

So I put both the seeds on a scale. The D24 seed weighed 3 ⅓ times more than that of MSK.  The obvious observation was not just the big difference in weight but also the volume of pulp lost due to the D24's big oval seed. So we lost on weight and also on the delectable pulp. Even though the old tree D24 is half the price of MSK it is also worth noting that MSK tastes better according to almost everybody. We pay for the pulp not the seed!

Go figure if it's worth eating MSK all day long if you have a bent on a thorny binge!

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