Sunday, November 5, 2017

Ole Sayang, Melaka

We were in anticipation at this old badge of Melaka. The group arrived promptly from our hotel and wefe ready to roll. Our menu for our dinner may be predictable but all the same we were salivating and horsing around waiting for the food to come.
1. Chicken Pondeh
2. Ikan Gerang Asam
3. Sambal Udang
4. Telor Cincaluk
5. Otak - Otak
6. Taufu Oley Sayang
7. Chendol
8. Chinese Tea

The seafood was fresh with the exception of the prawns which I found a bit too rubbery. Surprise surprise food was not very hot. And we found tauchu in the Pongteh and Sambal Udang dishes. Not that we minded, it was a reminder we were in Baba land.

Excellent - Otak2 was fresh and chunky. Ikan Gerang Asam was also good for the fish freshness on one count and the mild curry on the other. Just feel so good to taste and drink. Lastly, the chendol was rich but not overpowering. Sweet but not dominating. Wow, the Gula Melaka was so aromatic that it gave the Chendol the oomph factor.

The Chicken Pongteh is a acquired taste esp with the good mix of tauchu and the soy sources both thick and light I supposed. Good taste for me. As for the rest it was so so. All in all a rather enjoyable dinner.

198 & 199 Jalan  Merdeka,  Taman Melaka Raya

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