Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nyonya Food - Familiar Faces, Seri Petaling

Deep-fried Cincaru stuffed with curry and spice base
Does familiarity breed contempt? When does one become bore with a certain item or practice? Familiar Faces have been my regular haunt in Seri Petaling. Thought might have dined there up to 10 times. Something keep calling me back to their extensive menu.

Anything curry and deep-fried with tons of spices and lots of herbs. I may be Chinese but I do indulge in my Malaysian fusion food ably represented by the Nyonyas/Babas. Nothing beats the intensity of Nyonya food brings. It satisfies my sedate palate, condition by subtle and gentle taste and smell of Chinese Cantonese cuisine.

The Deep-fried Stuffed Cincaru had a paste mixture of lemongrass, onions, chilis, garlics and other spices. The fish was fresh but eaten alone will render it rather mild and neutral. But mixed it with the stuffed curry spice base - it exploded in my mouth akin to an orchestra reaching a crescendo.
Another hit with customers. Vegetarian Claypot Curry. Packed with flavours and cheap.
Another hit - Paku-Pakis. Done just right with the fern fragrance dominating with hints from dried prawns and belacan.Mantis Prawn. Sweet, sour and slight hint of spices. Meaty and chewy. Fried Chicken in Light Batter Nyonya Style. Crunchy outside and succulent inside with strong smell of spices wafting through the air.Fish Cake. Another fantastic dish. Springy and fresh tasting of good fish paste.
A bowl of fresh claypot goodness to end our meal.
Restoran Familiar Faces (Nyonya and Noodle House
37, Jalan Radin Anum 1, Seri Petaling
HP: 0122954483, 0123346379

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J2Kfm said...

I did bump into this shop while seeking for food in Seri Petaling, though never knew they serve Nyonya food.

I share your sentiments, for I like my food being robust, spicy and with a kick, rather than steamed or boiled.

CUMI & CIKI said...

another great place for nyonya food. you didn't try the ikan perut? LOL

minchow said...

Confirms the fact that I am missing out on a LOT of good food not exploring these suburbs and their nondescript, non-familiar names! I need to revive that sense of adventure in me!

SimpleGirl said...

strong flavoured nyonya to have them once a while...esp the fried chicken makes me drool!

thenomadGourmand said...

Sri OPetaling! Yes yes..must venture there soon! As good as those authentic ones? (cos myself dont think i hv had authentic ones either!) everyone claims to be authentic


Nice intro :-)

babe_kl said...

ooo so this was the place u mentioned about good nyonya food, cool!