Saturday, February 9, 2019

Sweet Potato Steam Cake (Kuih) - Homecook

This not a difficult cake (kuih) to make. I tried it the first time without having the rice flour. The final product was gooey and sticky. The second round came out thumbs up when served to a group of 15 folks. I will post the link to the recipe at the end to give credit. Basically follow the instructions.

Some improvements.
1) Get some good sweet potatoes. This with strong smell and taste. Imported Japanese (food taste but the pale yellow is not attractive to the eyes) and Australian ones (excellent orangy final product) may be good.
2) You may want to blend the sweet potatoes esp those local ones (cheap but lacking in the taste and smell department) that can be quite hard and lumpy.
3) Use good quality santan esp box ones. Or less the smell maybe limp.


Bottom Tier Ingredients
650g yellow sweet potatoes, peeled and steamed
250g tapioca flour
80g rice flour
180ml Kara UHT Coconut Cream
350ml water
320g sugar

Top Tier Ingredients
180g tapioca flour
280ml Kara UHT Coconut Cream
360ml water
80g rice flour
35g sugar
½ tsp salt

Rectangle tray (greased)

Mix all ingredients in the bottom tier until the sugar dissolves. Then transfer into the greased rectangle tray.
Cook in steamer for about 40 minutes
Mix all ingredients in the top tier before laying over the bottom tier.
Continue to steam for 25 minutes, making sure the surface has solidified.
Let it cool before cutting into cubes to serve.

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