Sunday, April 1, 2018

Restoran Batu Caves Yong Tau Foo

If you are in Batu Caves and fancy a dose of Yong Tau Foo, this is a place to go. It has stood the test of time and they are still holding the fort. We have a franchise YTF that was opened a road away but last probably a year or so. A largely industrial and SME with middle and lower middle class clientele, you can imagine the area make-up and the clientele.

I will rate this place average on food as the YTF and some accompanying dishes palatable and stomach filling. Other than that you are better off going to the Tai Chows or international fast food restaurants around the area.

The beauty of the YTF is the health part. Ya, some said the deep fried stuff is no good and I agree, but beyond that the vege and the fish paste are good to for the body.

No. 96, Jalan 1 Batu Caves Centre Point Batu Caves, 

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