Sunday, April 22, 2018

Jit Ben Foo Chow Restaurant Taman Berkeley Klang

This the first encounter with full-fledged Foo Chow food. We were on a full-court press ordering three signature dishes commonly cooked at the Foo Chow's home. And we were not disappointed as our Foo Chow friend said that they tasted just like those done in Sitiawan. Foo Chow food seems to have a sour twist. Vinegar is common and so is Bamboo shoot, slice and julienne.

The red rice wine so typical of Foo Chow food it has become their mascot. Everyone knew and wanted to taste it. This is my second time, the first being in a Foo Chow home. I am fortunate. Both were really good as they use good red rice wine. The red dye reputedly from red rice fermented with glutinous rice.

Our Mee Sua was drowned in red wine and soup and with some good pieces of Kampung Chicken. Sweet, with unmistakable rice wine smell and a strong piquant taste, the broth was sweet and savoury. This should be eaten once in a while to remind us of the good food and the culture of generosity that comes with hospitality. Just take a look at the bowl. The liquid goodness was almost to the brim.

This was an interesting eat. The "Char Choy" or preserved salted vegetables (from mustard chunky base) cooked with ribs (almost boneless) and yam pieces. The ribs were were coated with batter and deep fried and then steamed with the Kai Choy and yam till its tender and soft. The combination was really fine with me as the sweet sour sauce did well to combine with the salt and brought some balance and also savouriness to the dish. You like food soft and lots of flavours this is it.
Another of my favourite sour soup. I had many in different Asian countries. The ingredients were fish maw, minced pork (some use crab meat) and bamboo shoot. Thickened a little bit with starch, this dish is always a crowd pleaser. Don't miss it. Predominantly sour it brought a refreshing note to the diners esp things got greasy, muddled and when the stomach was getting full.
A simple mixed vegetables but this was more of a common vegetarian dish. Still refreshing as the taste and smell seems familiar with my mom's cooking even though we hailed from Ipoh and are Cantonese.

35, Persiaran Rajawali
Taman Berkeley, Klang

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