Thursday, April 19, 2018

Bakso Hunt - Indonesia

The gold standard in Mee Bakso (beef noodles) will be Bakso A Fung. It is situated at the Arrival Level of Terminal 2 Jakarta Airport. There is a business format like McDonald's and I can be assured of consistency of food and service delivery. There are 3 kinds of beef balls.

The regular type where the texture is rough and the colour is dark grey. The second is the smoother one shaped in the form of a disc. Looked and felt like the fish paste. The third are fillings in a fried Tofu. The amount is huge and I get the kick everyone I have one. This is slightly different from the regular beef balls as it tasted more savoury and perhaps I thought some salted fish powder had been mixed in. The soup was of a much lighter version. The beef was in the balls and Tofu fillings not the soup.

My next fix was at Bakso Lapangan Tembak Senayan Terminal 1 Jakarta Airport. The broth was thicker and more beefy. If you like something mysterious and murky this is it. Those taking domestic Lion will be able to enjoy it.

The last encounter was in Tlogowungu, Central Java. I was taken to the best Bakso in town. Right at a junction, it commands traffic. It's very busy throughout the day.

And they are famous for chicken feet too and it literally flew of the box. It's pre-cooked and left in a plastic container. I thought long and hard and decided not to have it as I felt that my stomach might not be able to handle it.

Back to their Bakso. It was good and they have the light soup variety. The beefy balls were good and so were their Tofu beef fillings. Each bowl has a humongous ball of beef and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So satisfying. Their beef was smoother in texture perhaps some starch was mixed in.

Bakso Lapangan Tembak Senayan Terminal 1 Jakarta Airport.

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