Friday, February 1, 2013

Sundanese Food - Pangalengan, Bandung

One of my favourite Indonesian food is from the Sundanese. Spicy, sour, deep-fried (need to be kid to understand this) though I may not favour the sweet sauces and marinates. This group lives in west Java. Any group from Java will certainly exerts its influence, cuisine and culture on the others. The stand out not only in this area but also you can see that quite some TV movie and TV stars are from this group due to their beauty and good complexion.

Luscious red sambel. Chili with tomato - fusion. Nice presentation!
Deep-fried free-range chicken. Chewy texture with lots of natural juices. Really, really chicky, what more can I say.
Customary fresh-water fish - tilapia. Not my favourite as I prefer gourami or catfish (lele).
Sweet sate. Again not my favourite but its good meat sourced fresh from the farm.
Ahhhh. Creamy and firm yet saft tofu. I dare say this was better than what we get in KL.
And their salad. Typical local south-east Asia. Make sure you get lots of sambel. Those green ones.
Wow and wow!
At Pangalengan, Bandung - coffee country!

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Ciki said...

i don't really fancy sweet satay either, but I do love their free range chicken though it is tougher and skinnier with less meat. Still tasty though!