Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fluffy Puffy - Durian and Curry at Puffs Garden

The star attractions were certainly the durian and curry puffs. These fluffy puffy snacks were so good and appealing to the eyes that one cannot resist picking one up and devouring it.

But I was taken aback by the pastry skin reversal for the durian and curry puffs. What was expected to be durian was curry and vice-versa. This aside I think I may know why. The rough and lined textured pastry skin was perfect for the thick oozing goodness king of the fruit. The pastry broke up easily and was instantly mixed with the durian giving it a wonderful feel and taste.The curry puff was strong and the coriander oil was unmistakable and easily a standout for this favourite snack Malaysians grew up with from the day the entered school. Despite the varying quality, we put up with it easily as the curried potatoes and the fragrant spices spilled out into the mouth. It was heavenly bliss.

It's oozing durian!
Durian Puff
 Durian Puff
Curry Puff
 Packed with ingredients not just potatoes.
Inside the Curry Puff
 Assorted Tarts
Pastry and Tarts

Puffs Garden
15, Jalan SS21/37, Dmansara Utama (Uptown)
Tel: 03 77293115

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