Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stone Forest Noodles - Yunnan

There were lots of local food, a stone throw away from the world's famous Shi Lin's Stone Forest. Well not exactly a stone throw but a short drive away. We came, we loaded up on our stomachs before visiting this touristy site.

The food was good. Stock from natural ingredients and not those infused with an insensible amount of debilitating MSG. The stock was top of the crop. Sweet and tasty. What more could we ask for? Great soup is great for the soul and great for the day!

The rice noodles were different from what we have here. It's more refined, gentler to the palate and one could almost sense the sweetness from the grains of the field.

We had toppings from the meat removed from the pig's trotters and marinated cubed lean meat. These made the bowl of noodles even more desirable.
The hot and the cold river.

Our sauces and garnishing.
The meat toppings and chilli sauce and oil.

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