Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bountiful Food from the Farm - Hmong Village Food, Yunnan

There the bounty was waiting for us. Fruits of the soil. Up in the mountains, the Hmong lives off the land. Its so natural, so simple, so random, so complex, so beautiful like that of a tapestry. There is nothing random or chaotic, just plain hardwork, tilling, sowing, weeding, pruning and harvesting.

The food was so earthy. There were the different melons, vegetables, pumpkins and meat from the pens and open. This is life that can be classified as good. The land yielded to hardwork and gave plenty in return. He who dares to sow and bountifully will reap bountifully.

As for the us, it is sobering thought that for one that have so much technology and assets, we have never learn how to make food i.e. real ones. No wonder I have heard friends that wanted to buy so land and learn to live off it. The call of the wild, to be the wild man. Man, is it too late to even think of it. We are too condition for urban living that we will never be able to enjoy these simple and happy life-style.

Hairy melon in some simple spices and sauces. It can send you to 7 heavens and make one think that there is a good life beyond the cities.
Wong A Pak with tofu. Well tofu is such a staple diet everywhere. It seems to follow the Asians.
Chinese cabbage with kidney beans. A difficult combinations. A crunchy vege with a soft texture and dense beans.
Black chicken. The chicken here are free-range so be sure to bite and chew extra hard. But then like the land, the harder you work the greater will be reward. Sweet and tasty morsels.
Winter melon with pork ribs. Pigs were penned up and its huge frame will give up many kilos of meat.
Plain pumpkin has never tasted so sweet.
Oil-fried Devil. Yau Jau Kwei.
The people is a community and here the common kitchen has enough woks to cook and to feed the village.
Fruits - bananas, jicama variety, peanuts, oranges, prunes and bread and pastry!

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