Saturday, December 12, 2009

Overseas Restaurant - Ipoh

Pic grabbed from Overseas Website.
This good-looking restaurant is the latest happening in Cantonese fine dining in Ipoh. Opened a few months ago, I hope this will advance Chinese cuisine even further in drab and dreary Ipoh food scene. You will notice that the price matched their intent. I will say that the food is top-notched and the service impeccable. Just a small chink (not the derogatory term for Chinese being used here) in their service amour - if they can change the plate more often will be excellent. Restaurant Overseas, 28, Jalan Datoh, Ipoh, Perak. Check out SimpleGirl on her version.

Claypot Seafood with Abalone - RM200. With that kind of price for 10 it better be good. Was good but the good size abalone was cut into smaller pieces. The chunky sea cucumber was refreshingly firm yet soft. 7/10.
Pan-fried Cod Fish - RM128. The surface was seared with hot oil rendering it with a thin layer of crust thus yielding a slight crunch when bitten into. The meat was done just right - most likely steamed before fried. Firm, smooth and fresh. 7.5/10
Eight Treasures Chicken with Wantan - RM71. The best herbal chicken I had for a long-time. Aromatic and strong herbs infusing the tender meat. The wanton was eaten with sauces. 7/10.This is a heavy duty dish! Braised Pork - RM40. I liked the firm but tender lean meat. The fat was not too thick putting off less ladies and the skin was at its gelatinous best. The Choy Sum was a good match and off the course the mantou too. However the mantou was a bit small in size triggering more orders. 7/10.
Yam Bowl - RM45. The Yam (8/10) was heavenly but the filling was earthly (5.5/10).
Nai Pak Vegetables - RM30. Lacking in stock and very ordinary. 5.5/10.


CUMI & CIKI said...

yam basket is like totally the best thing on earth. yummie!

J2Kfm said...

Damn overpriced. Nai Pak for RM30?!!! and those cod fish looks just like those frozen one commonly served in restaurants.
Chinese fine dining?

foodbin said...

was the seafood claypot worth the money, looks small in portion!

SimpleGirl said...

the cod fish was quite good ya...last dining we also ordered that...but vege was quite expensive la

worldwindows said...

CampC... I like anything Yam. Chips, ice-cream, bobobchacha and meat dishes cooked with yam.

J2Kfm... Cod fish is excellent in texture and taste and I shd exceed a kilo. The presentation may be wanting but the price is reasonable to me. Overseas to me is Chinese fine dining at least in Ipoh and even in KL. Nai Pak is overpriced I agree.

FB... The key is in the portion of the abalone. For consumers will buy this grade and amount will have to pay a good price. Reasonable to me.

SG... Agree.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

wow... nice place to dine in.