Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Food and Tea Restaurant - Jusco Kepong

Food and Tea Hong Kong Restaurant was full from the 12:30 to 2:30pm. A surprise esp. when it was the weekday after the long holiday. Kepong purchasing power is increasing and businesses should note. Surprising me, Jusco here at lunch looks more active than Puchong's Jusco. Both were the backwaters of KL less than 20 years ago.

I was catching up with an old colleague and food choice was random. As long as we can hold a decent conversation. All the seats are heavily padded and there are many cubicles. Some decent privacy is afforded to guests. It was neat but I can't say that for the staff. Service was poor and most practiced a form of tunnel vision ignoring customers legitimate signals. Service staff must have peripheral vision.

The food taste was above average and the menu boasts of something different from the usual Hong Kong Char Chan Teng besides plenty of pork dishes. We enjoyed our lunch and the talk and later adjourned to Starbucks for a drink to continue.

Starbucks in Kepong! Politicians and government agencies used the Starbucks as a rule of thumb to measured the economic well-being of each city in North America. The more doesn't only mean the merrier but also richer! More bang for the bucks!

I like the rice which was cooked with less than the usual. It came out firmer (hard) and full-bodied. It was grainy goodness. Hope this is standard practice.I was told this Claypot chicken was good stuff.
My braised beef was tender. Radish was done right - firm with a slight crunch. Some of the tendons were way too soft for my liking. Tasted 5-spices. Thumbs up.
I avoid cofffee and is now a tea convert. My Chai Latte was aromatic but there was still room for improvement as I prefer a stronger cuppa. This was better than the one I had in Coffe Bean, Ampang Point last week.


SimpleGirl said...

i've tried the chai latte at coffee bean, quite disappointed!!

foodbin said...

the claypot chicken looks good.

ling239 said...

they are in Tropicana City Mall too... but since a colleague said the drinks are lousy, we din bother to try the food, guess we shd give it a try ~ ^_^

Kenny Mah said...

Kepong purchasing power? I guess I haven't really been visiting Kepong enough to realise this but I guess given the number of restaurants and makan places mushrooming there... :)

Tummythoz said...

Oh my. Seems like they have mantain their low service std since my visit (1st & last) way back in 2007 tho at a different outlet.

Rebecca Saw said...

Unka had just mentioned this place yesterday as a choice for dining if one is at Sg Wang.
Normally i avoid such "kim gary" like places but it seems worth a visit?

Ciki said...

tendons sound fine!

worldwindows said...

SG... I did ask a mamak owner if he does Masala Tea which is Chai Tea! No!! Too bad as I think it will do well in KL.

FB... Yes about the 'tai chow' standard.

Ling239... The drinks looks too modern for me!

LfB... Its a bit chaotic and hypermarts are changing the landscape.

TT... Yes I read some not too nice comments too.

TNG... At a whim and a fancy I think and sometimes eating is like this!

CampC... My mom says it's good for the knees and joints!