Thursday, September 10, 2009

All things Nyonya @ Familiar Faces Nyonya Restaurant - Seri Petaling, KL

Since my March 25th visit I have been back another 2-3 times. I thought it the good food I had enjoyed warranted another "revisit" post on my part. This eatery may have a humble look but it majors big-time in taste; the strong, deep-fried, spicy, piquant, tart, sour and hot. Do not go there for Cantonese subtle types. You will be disappointed.

Total Bill for 8: RM128 plus tea.
Get the Map here.

"Hoi Tai Kai" Fish - Teochew-style. This big-eye and mouth fish has firm and dense meat. Never flaky though. Sour and savoury style match this fish. In fact I had this fish deep-fried and banana leaf BBQed before. The meat stands out and was never overtaken by any of the sauces.
Chicken Fillet with turmeric, curry leaves and onion. Curry leaves interacted well with the turmeric marinated chicken. Onions gave the crunchy feel. Satisfying and filling.
Vegetarian Curry. Since we have fish we did not ask for Fish Head. The aroma and taste were appetising but was not overwhelming.
Paku leaves' chlorophyll and the versatile belacan work hand in glove titillating the palate. Good texture vege with few fibres as it comes from the shoot of the ferns. A safe bet if one do not want a fibrous encounter in vegetables.
Claypot Tofu with needle mushrooms. This subtle in taste dish was an appendage, I reckon. Probably prefer a seafood deep-fried tofu. It's better in the taste and smell department.Omelette to round up the meal.


SimpleGirl said...

yesterday i ate vegetarian curry, hmm...even without meat, it tastes really good!!!

hApPy HaPpY said...

Thanks for the info, I will try to visit it.

Selba said...

This food is considered as peranakan style?

Duckie said...

i quite like vegetarian curry too!!!

Life for Beginners said...

I love paku leaves... wish I could have it more often though.. :)

550ml jar of faith @minchow said...

I've to say, this looks totally different from the regular sort of Nyonya meals. A different Nyonya legacy perhaps??

Big Boys Oven said...

the paku sure looks good! awesome!

Food For Tots said...

Didn't know there is such a great find in Sri Petaling. Must check it out!

backStreetGluttons said...

One of us is a Nyonya cuisine specialist while another is a spicy food hater so that makes us even, but we love nyonya food

thenomadGourmand said...

Heard tht this place is one of the better Nyonya restaurants around..

Little Inbox said...

Wish to try the paku leaves. The dishes do not look like the typical Nyonya cuisine.

Bits of Taste said...

Good food review! So much of nice food here!

allie said...

paku leaves is hard to get nowadays.. I miss the taste of it..

worldwindows said...

SG... Esp when they used Carnation milk.

HH... Go on and be happy. Not too far from your residence!

Selba... Yes they are one and the same if we don't read too much into the subtleties.

Duckie... Cheap and nice.

LfB... Living near Orang Asli settlements will get you alot of it.

Faith... Hope not deceived. Yes they have quite an array of food that is Nyonya or closed to Nyonya which we did not get to order.

BBO... I like them too much!

F4T... Hope you do when you come back to KL.

BSG... Wonderful. I tend to over-eat.

TNG... Agreed.

LI... We did not ordered those really that looks like genuine Nyonya. This shop has extensive menu.

BoT... Thanks for visiting.

Allie... Penang do have jungles right?

nad said...

halal or not?

worldwindows said...

I don't think it is halal. Maybe pork-free. Do call them at 0122954483, 0123346379.

nad said...