Good Food in Old District @ Petaling Kam Kee Seafood - Petaling Garden, PJ

Beautifully done soft tofu with a crisp crust, slightly chewy skin and very soft custard-like inside. Topped with lots of minced pork sans the oil. Lovely start to a simple and good meal.

I have several hot spots for food in Gasing area. Living there for a couple of years got me acquainted with Raju, Lotus, Grand City, Krishnan (new owner now), Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun, Country Kitchen and a host of coffee shops and 'Tai Chows'.

Petaling Garden is as old as Petaing Jaya. The shops being parked very near to the affluent Sect 5's bungalows and the PJ new town business district have its high points. Even Sri Paandi has opened up a huge branch in Petaling Garden not too long ago. I would say they are the smartest looking restaurant around.

Back to Petaling Kam Kee Seafood. A typical "Tai Chow" and a good one a that. Quick service, neat presentation, niftily cooked food and cheap prices. No complaints. Four of us went there for a quick lunch after a meeting.
Steam Grass Carp Tail (Wand Yee Mei) in ginger paste. Aromatic and spicy as good ginger was used. Woke-up the senses.Sweet Potato Leaves for the final flourish. Total - RM48 plus pot of tea.Address: 9 and 10, Jln 5/44.


Anonymous said…
i love the taufu done in this way....just one dish with rice is very satisfactory!
foodbin said…
i like their steamed fishpaste white Tofu.
Big Boys Oven said…
wow this is an interesting finding, that shows that we do go to the limit for food craving! some may see us as a mad bunch of people! ;)
Selba said…
From your description, the soft tofu sounds so yummy...
Tailim said…
another place in my list for new adventure. Thank you.
ling239 said…
i like Steam Grass Carp with ginger too, but i usually order the fish belly, less bones mar :P
Kenny Mah said…
And the other vege I love are sweet potato leaves! Gosh, this is fun... reading backwards your posts and identifying my fave veges! :)
worldwindows said…
SG... Somehow we have the Asian genes and taste for tofu.

FB... Tofu - all kinds of it and different preparations. We are so blessed.

BBO... This is one vice we can indulge in.

Selba... The Malaysians chef has taken the humble tofu to really great heights.

STL... I enjoyed for adventures too.

ling239... Cantonese has a saying, "Soong Yee Tau, Wand Yee Mei - Carp Head, Grass Carp Tail). The "Sai To" Lam (stomach) is much love for us.

LfB... Maybe we are not eating/getting this in our resto!

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