Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Marche Movenpick @ Curve and Marche et Halles Notre Dame, Versailles

The "Marche" scene (market in French) in Movenpick @ The Curve was a pretty sight to behold especially set inside the restaurant. The restaurant revolved around this market where fresh produce can be ordered in different sizes (different prices). Just get the passport (given at the door) ready to be stamped and will be charged accordingly (applicable to ala carte). They have buffet offer now at RM45++ per head excluding drinks.

The Marche was spacious all round with about a 7 feet walkway! Lots of footage was invested to give an authentic French market feel. Having been to Paris and Versailles and walked their marche this gives me some good vibes. Space, space and space.

I whipped out my phone camera to shoot a few scenes. Sad to say I was stopped politely from taking more. This was the first time, I was stopped since I started blogging 1 1/2 years ago and I thought of asking for the manager to get permission but thought otherwise. I had 2 shots and it was sufficient. Check out Bangsar-Babe recent post.The Beef Stew was heavy and strong with herbs and tomatoes. Gave a huge wallop! If you like it strong this will be good. Seeing how thick it was I took half a portion.Various fresh vegetables in salad, tossed and stir-fried! Ingredients were sufficiently generous.Swiss Rosti. Potatoes strips pan cooked and served with a dollop of sour cream. I thought the sour cream could have been concoted better. Too light.Beef Steak was fresh. The medium done pan cooked beef came oozing blood when pressed down. It came with mushroom and black pepper sauces. Mustard and other condiments were available.
Lamb Chop was fresh but the all important mint sauce was average. No goosebumps. The mint sauce had a bit too much vinegar for my liking. I prefer the pungency to come from the mint.Salmon Fillet was flaky and expected to be so. Run of the mill and I like it a a good squeeze of the lemon. Sausages and Cod Fillet. Sausages (2 variesties) were of good quality. I for one do not like too much of it but took a liking for it but alas I was at the tailend of the meal. The cod was pan fried and it was a waste to me as all fresh cod should be steamed Cantonese style! Mussels and fresh prawn were available and so were a varieties of pasta, pizza, crepes, pastry, ice-cream etc.

Marche et Halles Notre Dame (Versailles Open Market), FRANCE


Fat Tire Bike Tours conducted us from Paris to Versailles. It work best with independent travellers. We rode out from their Paris office to the RER train station and board with our bikes (Yes, bikes are allowed on the train) to Versailles. The guide was a professional and fun to be with and so were the nearly 25 of us forming a mini United Nations!

We stopped over at Marche Notre Dame in Versailles to stock up on baguettes, cheeses, ham, pate, foie gras (yes!) etc for a picnic at the Royal Palace Garden by the lake in Versailles! Fantastic varieties and all kinds of produce (fresh and cooked) were available.
Check out the bike. Superb ride with a very comfy saddle. My wife and son enjoyed it and we rode a total of 15 kilometers on it! Duration of tour was 8 hours.
Click to enlarge this pic to check out the company's name and the bike. I can vouch for that this was the most comfortable bike I have ridden and carried. In and out of the station's staircases!Versailles is famous for the Royal Palace that come together with a huge man-made lake and beautiful landscape garden. During the reign of King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antionette Versailles was at its opulent and luxurious best setting itself up for a violent end during the French revolution.Marie Antionette Little Village. Pastoral and quaint with postcard perfect scenery!


backStreetGluttons said...

Yes , indeed from all the French pics we see from movies and magazines France has really got beautiful places !

The food in the Curve PJ we believe is mediocre and ambience a bit juddering.

We still have awful pretenders to disallow photography inside their premises ! You shud boycott this kind of lost establishment , which is your only defence

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Unlike you, I didn't get to eat the beef steak, cod and salmon at Marche, The Curve. Too many people at the buka puasa... 0_o

I prefer the market in Nice to Notre Dame. Nice had more interesting things to offer, including socca, a French potato pancake.

foodbin said...

like their Swiss Rosti.

CUMI & CIKI said...

lovely shots. i wanna go on holiday!

550ml jar of faith said...

Haha, Marche at the Curve looks a far cry from Marche Notre Dame! I love the sound of the bike tour - the best way to see France, no doubt!

Selba said...

Nice to see all the pictures!

The Marche rest. look the same all around the world, ya?

Big Boys Oven said...

Gosh! One look I know I want to eat in Paris rather at Curve! :)

Food For Tots said...

8 hours of bike tour!! You must be a very fit person. I really salute you! For me, I need to have a good massage after this trip. ;)

SimpleGirl said...

nice experience....the scenery just look like a postcard...so lovely!!!!

U-evolve said...

Good concept. will try to enjoy some of these when I have the chance.

thenomadGourmand said...

aiyooo...our marche here at the Curve looks sooo sad aft seeing the France pics! lol.

and yeah, i was stopped too frm taking pics. well nvr bothered to blog abt them anyways, food was so-so at BEST.

worldwindows said...

BSG... I was a bit taken aback of the no photos policy.

BB... I was there early you know the kiasu type. You have enjoyed quite alot of Europe and its difficult to replicate here in Malaysia in shape, form or food!

FB... Good replacement for rice.

CampC... I think Europe can wait as it is so friendly. One can see so many Senior citizens on holidays. But as for Asia go when one is young and energetic!

Faith... Go for it!

Selba... You must have seen some of them!

BBO... Couldn't agree more.

F4T... Ride and stop and visit. The weather was cool spring and spaces were created for cyclist. Never had it so good for the cyclist in Europe.

SG... Postcard perfect though the history not too pleasant to recount.

U-evolve... Thanks for visiting.

TNG... Too many cooks?