Monday, April 13, 2009

Suria KLCC Level 2 Signature Food Court - 1901 Hotdog, Laksa Shack and Taiwanese House

A quick snap in the KLCC carpark so that we can get back to the car in a jiffy. The faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory - Old Chinese proverb. Contextualising, it becomes, "The faintest pixel is clearer than the strongest memory." The power of technology.

We have to be in Kinokuniya as our son could not find his sci-fi books from WarHammer 40000 series anywhere. He bought one together with another omnibus of 3 books with another non-fiction on war, Stalingrad. I got my share and so did my wife. Then we proceeded to Level 2 for some grub before going home.

It would have been a hearty Taiwanese noodles if sans the raw and damp julienne cucumber and hard carrot. They were overwhelming. Otherwise I enjoyed the carbo rich sauce coated noodles with matching but slightly dry minced chicken bits. Forgot to shoot the condiment in the form of bits of ham choy (salted vege) on the sauce plate. Its nice to chew on, very acquired and Chinesey taste.
Taiwanese House Noodles - 6/10
My wife complained about the raw tasting chili paste she dumped into the bowl of laksa. It also lacked heat possibly toned down for a multi-cultural and -ethnic crowd. The soup lacked body and if it is slightly thicker it would have made our day as the soup had lots of coarse dried shrimps and other spices and herbs.
Laksa Shack - 6/10
My son as usual loved the 1901 and took this hotdog with a 9inch long frankfurter. My wife and I shared a drink. Pretty lean pickings. I called this a guilt meal as we have spent quite a bit on books and audio books.
1901 - 7/10


backStreetGluttons said...

Mall food has a high margin or error , meaning the quality is damn inconsistent from the continually changing waiters/resses and the variable taste buds of the multi-market segments the shopowners want to please. Mall food to us is 90% convenience food and only in some odd cases will it be accepted as a gourmet's authentic and original version(whatever does that mean !)

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I kenot tahan eating in that foodcourt! Too crowded and food isn't great.

I'd rather go to Penang Cafe or Madam Kwan, just for some peace and quiet! =P

Tummythoz said...

Only eat here for convenience. Usually will go for the pasta at the Pizza Milano stall.

worldwindows said...

BSG... We need good staff to deliver otherwise it is just a concept.

BB... Unless you are in a hurry to eat and leave:)

TT... Fast and convenient. Massive turnover for each table and that's the intention.