Wednesday, April 8, 2009

RM18/kg Crabs - Tak Fok Seafood Restaurant (Revisited), Aman Puri, Kepong

Mid-life shouldn't be a time of crisis for the the married couple. Individually or together. It is rather an opportunity to build on the marital life especially the missing years when the kid/s was/were growing and needed the couple's attention or when stuck in the rat-racing frenzy of corporate ladder climbing.

At mid-life one (speaking for myself) should and must have the verve and the vision for the partnership and each others' personal life to be enriched even more. This is possibly the best time, when the child/ren has/have grown and can be left alone (or requested to be left alone). This allows both the parent time-off to prepare into the future life together as the kids/s will have a life of their own too. This opportunity must not be missed as it may be the last train before the empty nest syndrome kicks in hard.

My wife and I do spend leisurely dinners together since the last 2 years. Just for companionship. This night was no exception as we tucked in on RM18/kg crabs. We have yet to finish off their various cooking varieties especially for what they are known for: fresh and cheap crabs. We got what we came for. Depending on the style of cooking we have to add RM2-4 to the RM18/kg crabs.
Kam Heong Crabs - Dried prawn paste with dried chili and some coriander leaves. Aromatic and salty. A must to eat with rice.
Ginger and Shallots Crabs - Mild and slightly pungent onion fragrance with gingery taste.And to round up the meal with some signature tofu (which was rather bland and soft) sweet potato leaves stir-fried with garlic and stock which was very good.
Address: 2 - 2A, Jalan Desa 1/3, Desa Aman Puri, Kepong
Tel: 0362723346


Selba said...

Wow! Crabs! Haven't cooked crabs for a long time. I think I will cook for this weekend :)

SimpleGirl said...

loving couple couple with perfect meal...nice is my second time reading blogs on crab dishes...drooling!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Must be nice just spending time together like that! =)

fatboybakes said...

awww, i know what you mean, worldwindows. i have 4 kids too, hence i always tell wife, we must not let our lives revolve completely around them, for when they grow up, we might find ourselves staring at each other like strangers!!!

love the crab done with the ginger and spring onions...

backStreetGluttons said...

There is such a thing as the Cycle of Life and this unspoken side temptation called Variety is the Spice of Life plus this American Human living mismantra called Unleash your True Potential and so life is how you make/unmake of it !

Crabs are tasty but unfortunately has become associated with overcharging and underdelivering, being prone to weighing heavy but where's da meat, all the time ?!

I classify it exactly in the same category as durians with what you see is not what you get !


worldwindows said...

Selba... I missed the deep-fried variety from Indonesia.

SG... I will go back to finish off their crab menu. The best so far is salted egg yolk crabs.

BB... Working on it:)

FBB... Yeah, relationship is like the body, older we get the harder we need to work at it.

BSG... Temptations is rife so have to work hard lah. Back to food, I have a love hate relationship with crabs and durians, no matter what they throw at me, good, bad and ugly, I still keep going back for more!

CUMI & CIKI said...

but we shouldnt have to work at it dat hard rite:P hehe .. should be lk second nature!

LOVE tak fok. that day we paid RM40 per KG. yikes felt like suckers. must ask 1st hor b4 sitting down.. no shame in dat:P

worldwindows said...

The problem is the 'second nature':) RM40/kg is very steep and I won't mind if it is big and filled with roes! Tak Fok worth it and I can see tables re-ordering by the kgs.

Food For Tots said...

Have u tried De Foodland at Bdr Sri Menjalar for their famous creamy butter crab? Delicious and reasonable to me.

worldwindows said...

FfT... It will be in my next crab trip! Thanks.