Friday, April 17, 2009

Bak Kut Teh in Singapore? - Han's BKT

East Coast Lagoon Food Village. About 10 minutes drive after leaving Changi Airport.Established since 1963.
Klang has been a haven for Singaporean BKT lovers. Testament to that: They fly/drive in just for it. Otherwise they are plentiful of BKT stalls at home. An example is Han's. I was told lunch-time will attract the crowd.

For someone who have sampled quite a fair bit of BKT around Klang Valley notwithstanding the 6 in Klang that I patronise, Han's has a certain attraction to me. Let me look at analytically.1. The trotters that I ordered is the signature dish. It draws the customers. It was shaped into a fist. 100% lean meat. Strange looking but it looks clean, neat, tidy and well-packaged. Reminiscence of all things Singapore. Counterbalanced my preference for some skin and fat. I was there at about 2+pm and about time for them to close. I supposed those trotters with skin and fat may have gone to someone else's lunch. 2. The look and taste for the trotter's sauce was not thick, salty and gelatinous. People are getting healthier here. Less salt and sugar. I could not get the lip-sticking gelatinous after effects but then its healthier.

3. The BKT ribs was all lean meat again. Healthy choice again. The soup was almost bland clear soup. A hint of black peppercorn was present. For those who love thick and heavy herbal stuff will be thoroughly disappointed.4. Now for the saving grace. The rice. The best Thai fragrant rice that Singaporean takes for granted where to Malaysians is a luxury due to some protectionist policy with the explanation that it was a food security policy. This is the hawker's standard. Truth be told that the best and most expensive Thai rice from the supermart cannot be compared in terms of quality, texture, whole grainous, springy bite and stronger fragrance.

5. Now for the saving saving grace. The food village has big beautiful park was incorporated into this seaside food village. It is good for the stomach and the soul. Watersports like skiing is available. Skiers were pulled around the pond mechanically with a system high-speed pulleys and cables mounted on towers.


SimpleGirl said...

the Singapore version of BKT is a bit bland compared to Klang one. I still love Klang of the best haha!

Selba said...

I hardly visit East Coast area when I lived in Spore.

What a nice park they have there...

New Kid on the Blog said...

doesn't look tempting at all, hor?

backStreetGluttons said...

You must give Sporeans top marks for cleanliness and healthy taste, but they love M'sia more for the fact that they can flaunt their newly acquired wealth !
and that they can rubbish us anytime
( beside the roads and backlanes )

Bangsar-bAbE said...

OMG...LEAN MEAT for BKT?? How can? Might as well eat chicken kut teh!! =P

worldwindows said...

SG... Yes, Klang is king!

Selba... With an aging population they parks encourage more outdoor activities thus bringing about a healthier populace.

NKotB... Yes, somewhat bland for me.

BSG... Eat well and live well. Higher quality of life and standard of living anytime.

BB... I am a bit lost there foodwise. Will try harder at next outing:)