Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Silky, Sulking Berbatov and Samba, Sucking Robinho

Dimitar Berbatov sulked himself out of Spurs into the arms of Man United. He did not come cheap - GBP30.75million or RM188million. Concluded at the eleventh hour he gets to display his silky footballing skills which is not disputed by football connoisseurs. Only 27 he has 4-5 years to score exquisite goals and contribute to Man U merchanising sales.

The biggest deal also concluded on the 1st Sept. was Robinho, a Brazilian national player, is only 24 and has a much longer shelf life then Berbatov. He was off-loaded by Real Madrid to Man City for a British record of GBP32.5 or RM199million. The funds come through the new owner from Abu Dhabi who bought out former owner Thaksin who is ex-Premier of Thailand as well as fugitive. Also a striker his samba skills will take him far. His signature celebration ritual after scoring a goal includes sucking his thumb.

Football has gone sucking, sulking nuts.

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