Friday, September 26, 2008

Ipoh Chicken Rice, Jalan Gasing

This shop has been around for ages in Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya. I never fail to drop in for a bite each time I can manage the time when I am nearby for business. It is air-conditioned and the food prices are 20-40% over and above what we get from the coffee shop stalls .

The varieties have been expanded since the early years where they have the standard 'white chicken' with bean sprouts. Side dishes were pork and fish balls. Now they have roast chicken, roast pork, char siew and some spicy dishes as well as some Asian-styled salad.

In the 80's I used to noticed that a huge plastic bag of bean sprout will be left outside the shop doors in the morning. It seems that it was transported from Ipoh. Now I am not too sure cause there seems to be bought over by new owners.

Good white chicken though its meat has a bit chicken smell - RM11 for 2 pax
Bean Sprout fresh and crunchy - RM3 for 2 paxPork Balls - my favourite anytime RM0.70 eachMui Choy Kuw Yoke (portions just nice for 2 to share RM7
The bean sprouts from Ipoh is can be easily distinguished by the short and stubby stem, small head and a very short root/tail. It should be crunchy and leaves a distinctive raw vege smell when crushed in the mouth.

The quality of the beansprout is attributed to the waters of Ipoh that flows through the limestones hills of the Kledang Range. I used to go there from Buntong and swim in the waterfalls where the waters are irresistable and invigorating.

The waters there weighs more than waters from elsewhere due to the absorption of minerals. Having said that 'water' tofu and all tofu related products are the best due to the usage of these waters. The same goes to 'hor fun'.

I hope someone can one day do a scientific test for these' claims'.

Talking about waters I must relate this 'claim' from Nicole Kidman the Australian actress and ex-Tom Cruise and now married to country singer Keith Urban. Her 2 children with Tom were adopted. At 41 she gave birth to a baby girl in July.

She attributed her pregnancy to guess what? Some waters from a waterfall in a small town called Kununurra in northern Australia. She was filming there and swam in the waters. Another 6 women who swam in the same waters were pregnant too. Seven babies were conceived out of that film. She called the waters there "fertility waters".

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