Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant - Waterfront, Desa Parkcity

It was quite a while since we have Japanese food. My son and I went to check out Rakuzen.

Waterfront was soft launched beginning of 2008. Desa Parkcity is mainly made up of upmarket houses and condos. The first movers who bought double-storey terraced houses would be able to turn a profit of RM200+K on completion.

Waterfront is located next to a nice pond (too small to be a lake) with an adjacent landscaped garden, walkways, trails and playground. It has a lot of life-style outlets. Kluang, Coffee Bean, Secret Recipe, Chinese Restaurant, NZN ice-cream, local western cafe and restaurant, D'Hati (small version of Jusco), petshop, DIY, Music, personal car, pharmacy....

Rakuzen here is not exactly like the one in Sunway (the only one I have been to). Not that spacious. The food is so so. It lacks the zing. Sushi King has better food in comparison in the categories that I was eating here.

I have my favorite Seasoned Baby Octopus (RM8) and Grilled Squid (RM18). I tried out Skewered Set (RM33) while my son had the Eel Set (RM38). Total bill with drinks: RM125. Not value for money. May not go back to try the sushi and sashimi.
Camera: Nokia E90.
This is good, chewy but not tough, well seasoned and strong taste.
Skewered Set. The mushroom, green pepper and scallop were good. The minced chicken, chicken, fish, and salmon were average.Grilled squid. I can get better ones from the roving hawkers in the beaches of Pattaya and Chaam. A bit overdone and no longer juicy. Eel Set. Tasted the eel and very normal. Expected better. Comes with Miso soup, Chawanmushi and fruits.

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