Sunday, August 10, 2008

Malaysian Airlines Cabin Service

MAS has missed the point by miles in the introduction of meal boxes for their short haul and domestic flights. It seems to have open the Pandora Box. Loyal customers are coming forward using the meal box to represent what is wrong with MAS.

The CEO (on 5th Aug '08) in his recent press conference has all the right moves but did not hit the right notes. Here is his rationale for meal boxes:
- improved aircraft turnaround time by five minutes
- increase revenue by RM50m a year
- passengers who do not feel like eating while on board could take the meal boxes as takeaways
- save on cleaning time
- objective was to increase in-flight efficiency.
MAS First Class Cabin with its award-winning service
Let's hear from CUSTOMER that flies MAS:
- People do not travel by air to take the meal boxes as takeaway
- An airline’s best interest is not "to save cleaning time" but to provide superb service
- Airlines to ensure that flying is always a most pleasant and wholesome experience
- Cabin emanates a warm and cosy atmosphere. There's magic in the air.
- A good product or service that it makes you want more.
- Positive impression immediately transferred in my mind.
- Customers expect to be pleasantly surprised, even overwhelmed, by every little positive gesture and thought.

Here we see the efficient technocrat (CEO) versus the artistocrat (word coined by author of blog). One uses the left brain while the other the right brain. Analyzing the rationale of the CEO and the CUSTOMER, its sensibility versus sentimentalism. Its the mind versus the heart.

The CEO is known to be a turnaround specialist and a cost-cutting expert in the rarefied stratosphere of top-level corporate executives. The CUSTOMER is just somebody who wants to enjoy a good product with the accompanying little luxuries and the warmth and kindness that the mind would probably disregard as unnecessary but the heart still yearns for. For this very irrational reason (an oxymoron), thrift is no longer an advantage.

Airline business is always about selling a life-style albeit for a short period, while airborne, so that CUSTOMER can enjoy a slice of heaven here and now. This makes good business sense quoting CUSTOMER, as "companies that constantly exceed their customers’ expectations reap strong and enduring profits, even during a recession."


backStreetGluttons said...

if we can be brutally honest, people at the helm of things in semi corporate Malaysia is always an embarrassment, if the averafge global stds are to be believed.

infact pretty shameful considering their general lack of real skills and the hypocritical gomen patronage vis a vis the NEP ( noble extinction program)

Kenny Mah said...

Yikes! What is he thinking? Aside from the bottomline, of course? What's the difference between them and budget airlines, then? Oh yeah: the cost. :P

Tummythoz said...

So first class has napkins & ceramics, economy with take away (doggy) boxes?