Friday, August 8, 2008

29th Olympic Mascots (China Part 5)

8:08, 8-8-08 is 'auspicious'. However auspicious has a dark-side cousin called 'superstitious'. The flip-side of it. The good and the evil. Ying and Yang?

For example the mascots. These lovely little creatures are so cute!! But once put through the mind of the superstitious it went through the mud. Each of the much maligned mascots was linked to every major disasters in China this year.

Just got an entire set of these lovely mascots.

Huan Huan, Ying Ying, Ni Ni
Bei Bei, Jing Jing

(Write-up from IOC website) The five mascots are officially called the Fuwa. They are Beibei, the fish; Jingjing, the panda; Huanhuan, the Olympic flame; Yingying, the Tibetan antelope; and Nini, the swallow. The first syllables from their two-syllable names form a line that reads "Beijing Huanying Ni", or in English – "Welcome to Beijing". The mascot’s colours were chosen in line with the colours of the Olympic rings.
In the ancient culture of China, there is a great tradition of spreading blessings through signs and symbols. Each of the mascots symbolises a different blessing and will honour this ancient tradition by bringing their blessings to the children of the world. Beibei represents the blessing of prosperity, Jingjing the blessing of happiness, Huanhuan the blessing of passion, Yingying the blessing of health and Nini the blessing of good luck.

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