Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing Etiquette (China Part 6)

The authorities in China has tried for years to educate her people in the proper social graces as she enters into the world scene. In the run-up to the Olympics more desperate measures are being undertaken to put the citizens on the best foot forward.

I can recall a number of these inappropriate behaviour like cutting lines, spitting, talking loudly, digging the nose, clipping nails, squatting in public areas etc. These are part of our social aliments here too.

The best advice I heard on this topic is, "do not produce waste in public."

How to behave in public and esp. with so many foreign guests in attendance needs the propaganda organs of the state. In Beijing, Chinese-language posters was put together by the propaganda department of Dongcheng district. One poster focuses on conversational etiquette espousing, "Eight Don't Asks." They are age, salary, love life, health, income, political views, religious beliefs or personal experiences.

More on these reported by BBC and my previous blog.
This shot is taken in an Asian country.

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