Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Burger Nasi Lemak - McDonald's

Nasi lemak burger? Only from McD or else someone else will steal their thunder? There is no monet to n be made from it i believe. It is for novelty sake and bragging rights. I doubt this product will last as the price of RM14. 95 ala carte is prohibitively high. Try once if you want.

The smell and taste of Sambal was there. Somehow it will not surpassed those with a banana leave as a base layer to absorb the heat or impart an infusion of the leaf to the meal. Missing were the usual suspects of sotong, rendang and surprise, there were no ikan bilis and peanut. And of course the nasi lemak can't be there as there was the bun!

But then you may want to try the Nasi Lemak but not the burger kind. I will get it soon!

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