Thursday, March 29, 2018

Musang King and Durians - SS2 Durians

The durians are back. And I am going to eat it a few times a week. One of the distinctive feature of Musang King (MSK) is its thin flat seed. Last November I had a chance to compare durians with big seed and MSK.

After some arils of D24 and MSK, I decided to weigh the  seeds. The D24 seed weighed 3 ⅓ times more than that of MSK. It's pretty obvious when the seeds were placed in a bowl of water, D24 sank like a stone while MSK floated like a civet cat in its environs.

The other obvious observation will be the volume lost due to the big oval seed. Imagine the durian flesh lost in the D24 when compared to the flat seed from MSK.  We pay for the pulp not the seed! And usually a real good D24 from an old tree is half the price of MSK. Go figure if it's worth eating MSK all day long if you have a bent for a binge!

My box has a strong bitter after taste, sticky and creamy texture and feel so good when rolling the durian's flesh around the mouth with the tongue to maximise the taste. Very sweet and I am sure the sweeter the better for fruits or desserts lovers. Mostly of all, value for money as each seed was super thin.

Hor Lor (Red Prawns) at RM24/kg and honestly half the pleasure derived from eating MSK, texture, taste and smell. This is lighter in taste and smell, less sticky and no bitter after taste

SS2 Durians
Jalan SS 2/24
Petaling Jaya

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