Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Best Char Siew (BBQ Pork) Ever 合记港式烧鸭 - Ayer Panas, Setapak

The Cantonese has a soft spot for "Siew Mak" eateries. This phrase is hardly heard of in Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh nowadays. I used to hear this spoken by my grandma and father in reference to all things roasted. These meats will be by far some of the strongest tasting food in their menu where stir-frying and steaming dominate.

Go early, if possible at noon to get the best morsels as by 12:30pm not much Char Siew (BBQ Pork) will be left. I went there twice in a week and still experiencing the effects of brisk sale coming from years of solid good track record and reputation. I was lucky to eat the best but with no more for doggy bagging. The second occasion was the reverse. I got to pack the juicy ones and ate there some rather lean Char Siew.

Best is to call them to order the Char Siew or their ever popular roast duck or roast pork. Lady boss told me she is gettinggso not doing so much for sale in their humble 'shed'. This shed is well ventilated with lots of fan and Kerullai. Most ofomy 'shed' eating Ayer Panas is usually 'panas' (sweaty). Got to take my hats off to them for initiative and customer service.

Back to the redoubtable melt in your mouth Char Siew, I have an idea how it was done. First steam the pork till tender probably in 3 hours. Then coat them with sauces and then BBQ them in racks. A bit simple but plausible. The caramelisation was excellent, like a coat of sweet that fat and a the lean in the pork wore with great pride. The meat was very tender. The coat of caramel with its sealed sauces lent such great taste to the lean meat.

On to fowl now. The duck is juicy and tasty. Very good quality. Just old fashion style and nothing else. The other is the poach chicken. Definitely better than some of the popular joints in Ipoh.

As for their Roast Pork, it was also another honest effort. I remembered buying a few kilos for a party. All that you want to find in a good roast pork was there. The spices, saltiness, crisp rind, and penetration of sauces into the meat.

This is a place I will bring my friends and families for the foreseeable future. And not forgetting to takeaway.
Take-away for my wife, another Char Siew connoisseur
The Roast duck - RM60 a fowl
Going, going, gone
My white chicken, smooth and tasty
Thick Ginger dipping sauce for the white chicken that only serious hawkers will provide
Waze or Google Maps yourself there - Jalan Ayer Lombong, Four shops away from the corner 
20,, 13, Jalan Ayer Lombong, Taman Ayer Panas, Kuala Lumpur
016-688 4976

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