Monday, March 5, 2018

Pak Thong, Kepong Wet Market.

The food here is definitely wet market style 'Tai Chow.' It caters mostly to folks living or work nearby and also those whose lives are intertwined with the wet market business. The food are sourced from buddies inside the wet market. They can find the restaurant's supplies from fishmongers, butchers and vegetables sellers nearby.

Open from 12noon to 9pm, I was there for their lunch segment. It was good that we arrived at 1230pm before the crowd started their beeline into the restaurant. It has air-con, a sign of times and many in office attires are their regulars. I mean who wants to eat and then feel uncomfortable and sticky needing a shower for the rest of the day?

With proximity to the market, they can concentrate on cooking. The stuffed intestine stuffed with intestines is a rare find. Nobody wants to do this anymore. Lots of efforts are needed. It was braised to perfection from taste to texture. It felt good not just in the eating, but to also be able to chew the food and enjoy it.

Our second dish was a super fresh big grouper fish head. No fillers and fillets, just plain fish head. Love this dish for its simplicity where it allowed the food to speak for itself.

Worth mentioning would be the sang meen (freshly made) noodles with spare ribs. Sweet broth is healing food for the soul and body. Soup was full-bodied yet retained the simple sweetness.

Don't forget to order their signature Tofu, crisp on the outside and satisfying from the inside where minced pork was mixed in!

Kepong Kepong Baru Market, Jalan Ambong Kanan 1, Off Jalan Ambong, Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur

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