Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yi Liang Kunming Pine Roasted Duck - Kunming China

Ducks were everywhere, the roasted one I meant. They have their live ducks but tucked away in ponds away from tourists' eyes. The locals speak fondly of their ducks for they make good meat and also money. With AirAsia flying to Kunming there will be many Malaysians with adventure in the hearts, willing to risk the trip to visit their natural wonders, lakes, flowers, golf courses and cool climes the whole year round.

This was my 3rd trip since 1995. Times have changed and the city has expanded in all directions. I got another chance to go to the Shilin Stone Forest after a lapse of 17 years. That's a long time in Chinese years esp with their great leap forward. I will blog on this trip maybe later.

Yi Liang is not far from the Stone Forest so a trip to the famous duck restaurant is very viable. I ate this duck 17 years ago after doggy bagged it at a road side roaster. The duck was infused with pine fragrance from pine branches and needles. It has a distinctive fragrance makes it the first choice when it comes to fowls.

Beijing duck. More famous cousin.

Cucumber and spring onions to go with the duck.
And onions and other condiments to go with the duck.
Goat cheese anyone. China Fetta.
Meat duck. As described, really good. Well raosted. Meat was sweet without the gamey taste. Had 3 birds.
Three layer pork. Cold dish. Really spicy. Yunnanese cuisine shows no mercy when it comes to hot peppers.
 Fungus with world famous peppercorn. It was really tart with lots of vinegar and hot (very).
Same vege dish like back home.

Token beef dish.

 Chicken Soup with history of filial piety. Reduced to 2nd fiddle compared to the ducks.
 AND...ducks everywhere.

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