Friday, January 25, 2013

Miss Ellie (English) Tea House - Taman Melawati Foothills

Miss Ellie Tea House affords a relax and carefree outing to catch with up friends or just some solitude for self-rejuvenation. The dining is calming and unpretentious with a warm and homely feel. There is even a sofa set where one can twiddle their thumbs, get their orders taken while waiting for a table if you happen to be caught out.

Food - 7half/10
Ambiance and Practicality - 7/10
Price - 6/10
Parking - Plenteous
Locating - Out of the beaten tracks (Google first before going or use GPS)
Service - 7/10
Novelty - 8/10 (like where are going get such a English Tea House - not in a million miles!)
Menu - A little short but I believe there a building it up.
Type - Mother (Nancy - not short on culinary skills herself esp on westerns)) and Son (Justin - Australia trained). Team with aunt and brother helping out.
Surprise Factor - Watch out for a rich and creamy array of wonderful cakes and pastries baked in no particular order everyday! You could wait and die in anticipation.

My Australian beef casserole, buttered mash, vegetables & fresh bread roll. Tender so tender that you will not need to 'floss' your teeth for the first time ever after having beef! Subtle aromas but never overwhelming allowing the herbs and meaty flavours to intermingle.ashed potatoes has a generous butter input and bread was fresh and home-bake. Dislike those factory-made ones.
Fresh pair of scones, served with cream & strawberry jam. Some of the best scones. Not too moist that some made it to pander to Malaysian palate. Hard enough to gives body and texture. Good with excellent milder version of cream and jam. Good enough to just entice you there just for tea.
Pandan panna cotta, gula Melaka & strawberry. My first introduction. Really creamy, gelatinous and sweet as a dessert should. Definitely better than any To Fu Far. The dessert can maintain its form yet was so soft almost too delicate and fragile. My favourite and must order.
And some tea to complete the meal!
Address: 7, Jalan H3, Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 0341620113
Opening: Tue - Sat: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Cash Only

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