Tuesday, January 29, 2013

IKOI Japanese Restaurant (the best so far) - Hotel Miramar, Singapore

Shall I expose my lack of depth on Japanese food in Malaysia? Or really I may have eaten enough to give a you a run for your money. Still most the Japanese sashimi can be good but it is also dependent on where, when you eat and how much was paid.

It may also be boiled down to the day the cargo arrived and how narrow was the gap between then and when it was placed on the plate.

Have you eaten so good a platter of sashimi that you long to get back to have another go? Not in Malaysia so far.

IKOI was packed to the rafters. Advance booking a must. The service is good despite the horde of hungry souls. Plates and bowls flew out of the kitchen. Ordering can be a bit of a challenge but still you get through the the waiting staff and the food will be on table in a jiffy.

Being buffet we just ordered our favourites again and again and again. Howzat! Licence to order.

My favourite platter of sashimi. Tuna, Yellowtail, Salmon and Sword. Freshness you can taste right to the edge of my tongue while sitting glue to my seat eating and ordering. Total cost for 4 pax: SGD178.

Now I am thinking, Japan, here I come!

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