Friday, October 5, 2012

Pisang Molen (Banana Fritters) - Bandung, Indonesia

All nationalities/localities have their signature dessert. For our part of the world banana fritter is a definite winner. We have the usual form here in Malaysia. It can get pretty boring after some time. I personally cannot recall a stall that offers an 'addictive' version i.e. I have to go back to it again and again.
For all the detractors who have mentioned the health aspects of it bear in mind that people eat all the time. Plus good food attacts the pull factors draw them in like a dragnet. As for banana fritters I measure it by the crispy, not lumpy melt in your mouth fragrant dough. Sometimes the filling may not matter if the dough is bad. So in Malaysia we have many different types of dough being used from the wheat flour to others made from different cereals and the combination of such.

Once the dough's hurdle is cleared lets talk about the fillings. The type of banana being used is obvious. It must be very sweet and after frying is reduced to a nice soft consistency.

Well the Gandasari Pisang Molen in Bandung is reputed to be the best. Always crowded and never short of folks buying boxes of these heavenly desserts. Highly recommended.

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