Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Delectable Home Kitchen - Bandar Sri Damansara

          Pork ribs with thick sauce - My favourite but need to have lots of plain rice to go with it.

Home Kitchen is a replacement for Kopicana and a timely as their menu was not really a favourite with the folks in BSD. However, they have a things going but was not enough. All good things must come to an end. Now we have another 'tai chow' in our locality and one that has air-con. There is finally stiffer competition as the food here is rated good and the price is reasonable. There is an option for better food and folks here do not need to make a food run to Manjalara, 1Utama or Curve.

All said I am happy with the food here though it is a tad salty and have lots of thick sauces and marinates. So be prepared so strong taste. Another interesting feature is that there are lots of woks and claypots that are used for food presentation. It is also practical in that it comes with a candle to heat it and keep the food piping hot.
             Kampung Chicken - well presented and taste was average. Good for a big group.
Steamed Tilapia with Black Bean. another of their specialty salty and spicy dish that go so well  with a plain tilapia.
Finally, Kangkung with garlic so well presented and also kept piping hot with the candle. A favourite for me if i need a good 'tai chow' in my backyard Bandar Sri Damansara.

Address: 11G, Jalan Tanjung SD 13/1 (a few doors from Maybank)

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