Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fat Boy Burgers - Publika, Solaris Dutamas

So we went discovering Publika and looked for some western pork dishes. For pork, I wanted something well cooked yet retained its moistness. The 'tai chow' pork dishes are well known but we were looking for westerns and decided on burgers. Lately, there is certainly a proliferation of western eateries offering pork. Its a niche area but there is enough purchasing power when it is located in the right area. I do hope that this happy state of affairs will continue in commercial areas.


The burgers in Fat Boy had patties made from fairly well grounded meat. It was not as juicy as I expected. However, the patties did not breakdown easily.  I had juicy ones before but they were also a lot more sauces slathered on it while it was being prepared. So my burger has no messy sauces.

I couldn't have the double patties Fat Basterd. Mine is the single Wimpy and built up from my own choice of ingredients. I chose guacamole, capsicum and jalapeno. What I like most for these Fat Boys were the hearty infusion of charcoal smoke. It's smoky alright. Like the Chinese 'wok hei' these patties had the 'thaan hei' (charcoal breath).


 PUBLKA Spacious and bright with natural light.

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