Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Second Kitchen - Restoran Madam Hew, Bdr Sri Damansara

It's ok to have a second kitchen but not a second home (different from a 2nd house). My 2nd kitchen should be there for my convenience and nutritional well-being. For the dual income urban family living on borrowed time, mostly sleep-deprived, prioritising on the children's education is of the utmost importance. So the nutritional needs are most often out-sourced.

So family meals are taken out of the home. I am sure some have being caught in this guilt trap time and again as their children grew up, wondering whether we are fit to be parenting and worse still not worthy of wearing the title of "father" or "mother." 

One in a while a gem of a restaurant crops up in your neighbourhood. Home-style, like mom's cooking. Menu from mom's kitchen. No MSG in the food. Minus all the unhealthy oil. Clean. And the list goes on. Many a family found safe haven here and you can see fathers and mothers with children in tow eating here esp. during meal times. The price of the food here is reasonable though sometime the portion is not big. A good bowl of soupy non-MSGed Kai See Hor Fun is at RM5.00. The price is much below that of a Cafe but slightly above that of our ubiquitous coffee shop stalls.

Tip: Try asking for food of the day that is outside their menu. Talk to Jessica Hew or any of their waiting staff.
Yummy, Pan-fried Black Pomfret. Brought back memories of my mother's signature "Chin Huk Cheong". You can almost finished eating the fish, fins, tail and all sans the spine.
Chinese Meatloaf with Salted Eggs. Heavenly though the portion is slightly small.
Dried (Kon Lo) Lo See Fun.
Pork Balls with that home-made feel. Infused with dried squid, very much like those from my favourite stall in Ipoh.
Wonderful bowl of Kai See Hor Fun. At RM5.00 eating Cafe styled, this is indeed under-priced.
Another take of the Chinese Meatloaf with Salted Eggs.

Jessica Hew
26, Jalan Damar 15/1
Bandar Sri Damansara
Mobile: 012 210 9288
Non Air-conditioned. Can be warm.
Business Days and Hours:
Tues-Sat: 10am - 3pm and 5:30-10pm
Sun and Public Holidays: 9am - 4pm
Closed: Monday

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