Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Carnivorific Pursuit - Bak Kut Teh, Bdr Sri Damansara

I "mourned" the demise of my favourite Bak Kut Teh stall in Bdr Sri Damansara. At RM7.50 per clay pot it had quietly satisfied my carnivorific carnal desire for all things meat with a Chinese twist. I slipped into this decrepit shop when the urgings were uncontrollable and slipped out when satiated. There are times I felt guilty giving in to the temptations for such unhealthy food regime. Though I am also a vociferous consumer of vegetables the desire is tepid and I eat out of the need to balance my diet. Or maybe it is the act of a guilty conscience trying to compensate.

No, I don't get to go to Klang for my fix very often. In fact call it rare. But I do eat BKT in S14 occasionally with my buddies. But those days are rare now since I moved office. So back to my neighbourhood BKT. Neighbourhood is defined as within 5mins. No toll and no crossing of any highways.

I was happy beyond words when a new stall opened for business. It is manned by a jolly rolly polly young man. And with that he effectively took over the mantle as the BKT man for Bdr Sri Damansara. It is still the one and only. So its better be good or else it will be a case of so near yet so far.
So I have been eating out from his hands over numerous occasions and I am glad to report that all is well. I am safe with my comfort food for the time being. I wish him well and hope that he will stay the distance, dishing out this solid meal for the meat-eaters in this community.
My favourite BKT. The soup is in not the darkish and murky Klang concoction. It gave out a lighter herbal infused soup. Though I like the darker version this one will do.
Braised Pork in dark sauce. Unique, as the pork is soaked in a gravy. The consistency is nice for the rice and even to steal a sip or two.
This Yellow Wine Chicken is the favourite for many, man and woman alike. It is lovingly prepared with care as I usually positioned myself when seated, to face the stall.It is as though he is preparing it for his wife. Only the chicken thigh is used and the meat comes out smooth and tender. The julienne ginger is rather generous and matched well with the wine. A fantastic meal for the cool evening.

Address: Corner, Jalan Tanjung SD 13/1, Bandar Sri Damansara (same row as Maybank)
Business Hours: Open everyday in the evening till about 10:30pm.

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