Monday, May 23, 2011

Bullfrog with Porridge - DST Restoran, Meru, Klang

Kung Pow Bullfrog

Food hunting took me to Klang this time around. I do get to Klang once a while on business and frequent my regular BKT haunts, I know very little of it cuisine except for Boston Baru, which  is one of my favourite. The regular eating places are more often the run of the mill types found  in the Malls.

This particular shop is in the Jalan Meru area and located adjacent to the Parkson Klang. I had two friends from overseas to grace the occasion and it turned out that one of them has never eaten frog meat even though they are Asians.

The star was the bullfrog and I came away impressed. It was meaty and the meat was firm. The sauce was superior. The sweet and savoury sauce was never too harsh and overpowering. Each of the flavour stands out but never clamouring for attention. The dried chilis were of good quality imparting its spiciness thus building the flavours of an already delightful dish. This is what I like about well-balanced sauces that will ultimately bring the best out of the food. Eat it with rice or porridge and it will bring to you a hearty meal.

My porridge was done the way I like it. Thick. The rice grains were nicely broken up to an indistinguishable puree.
My sentimental favourite. Kembong was fried to a crisp and sprinkled with a generous dose of soy sauce.
Choy Poh preserved vegetables with omelette another dish from the past. Not oily (nowadays the cook understand our needs) and the Choy Poh used was not overly salty. Fantastic stand-alone eat even for those who don't eat carbo.

L7-1-27, Jalan Pekan Baru 37
Tel: 03 3342 3933
Mob: 017 264 3319

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boo_licious said...

Looks good especially the deep fried kembung fish. Great find.